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the biggest life lesson i learn from gfriend.

manifesting jin acting debut next 🙏🙏

first taehyung now seokjin. no doubt they really have that silver voice for ost. i love how they got to do it with huge drama production.

K media said Jin sings the OST of the tvN TV special drama, Jirisan (지리산, Mountain-Jiri). According to the drama OST production team "The OST Jin sings is the main theme song of the drama, it will be heard from the middle part of the drama, the release date will be informed"

oct/nov gonna be interesting if most female soloist having cb. and if yuju debut around that time not ready....

this will always give me goosebumps. different vocal range in just 28 seconds. yuju is just that powerful.

its still awkward for me to call sowon as sojung. but i guess will get used to this slowly.

from idol sowon to actress kim sojung. so proud of her.

| Genius Korea K-OST Chart: Sept 2021 1. Is It Me? 2. Romantic Sunday 3. Crazy 4. Higher 5. Always Be With You 6. Wish 7. One Sunny Day 8. If I Could Read Your Mind 9. It's You 10. Stay

Kim So Jung announces acting debut as main lead for upcoming film '오싹한 동거' It will be released in a drama version through various OTT platforms and YouTube after its theatrical release by first half of 2022 Source:

yerin and sojung acting debut with lead role. in a romcom genre. excited to see how they gonna pull this.

maybe not the scariest but its still horror. lowkey want to hear yuju review on the movie.

ohh i kinda love the plot. it somehow reminds me to lets fight ghost (?) except its romcom.

hate the facts we'll never get this trio subunit.

no matter what sinb still love dancing and i know she gonna perform on stage again one day. keep strong

i remember when she said "my body isnt like before. it always more tough to put so much energy into it now" it been physically draining her but never once she used this excuses not to perform well.